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Kegiatan ini merupakan kegiatan rutin yang dilakukan setiap tahun dengan bergiliran di kecamatan Lembah Sabil. Untuk tahun ini kegiatan berlangsung di desa Cot Bak, U, Kecmatan Lembah Sabil, Aceh Barat Daya.

Dalam acara tahun ini ada seratusan anak yatim yang berasal dari berbagai desa di kecamatan Lembah Sabil. Alhamdulilah kegiatan ini berjalan dengan sukses/ Suksesnya pelaksanaan kegiatan tahun ini atas atas bantuan para dermawan yang berada di dalam wilayah Lembah Sabil dan di luar Lembah Sabil/ Demikian laporan  panitia pelaksana hari yatim Muhammadiyah lembah Sabil,’Aceh Barat Daya, Admiral,s.pd I (skretaris panitia)

Sementara Pimpinan Cabang Muhammadiyah Cabang Lembah

Dilanjuti sambutan pimpinan cabang Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah Lembah Sabil,  Nasrizal,S.pd. menyampaikan ucapan  ribuan terima kasih pada seluruh pada panitia pelaksanaa hari yatim Muhammadiyah Lembah Sabil , yang telah bekerja keras dengan sukses atas pelaksanaan kegiatan hari ini.

Juga kepada seluruh warga perserikatan Muhammadiyah Lembah Sabil serta danatur di manapun berada yang telah menyumbang dana dan makanan, sehingga pelaksanaan acara hari ini terlaksanakan dengan semarak dan sukses. Semoga amal baik kita mendapat keberkahan dari Allah SWT .

Lebih lanjut Nasrizal mengatakan bahwa

hari ini hanya sebuah hari peringatan, yang setiap tahun kita laksanakan hanya sebuah acara serimonial. Sebenarnya apa yang kita laksanakan setelah peringatan ini?

Kita juga melaksanakan peringatan Israk mikrat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Hendaknya kita ambil sebuah pelajaran untuk meningkatkan  shalat kita lima waktu sehari semalam ,lebih baiknya shalat berjamaah di mesjit atau mushalla tetap ada aktivitas berjamaah dalam 5 waktu.

Begitu juga hari yatim yang kita laksanakan pada hari yang berbahagia ini, hendaknya menjadi sebuah ingatan bagi kita untuk selalu peduli pada anak yatim,  fakir miskin dan kaum duafa.

Mereka juga punya hal hidup yang layak

Mereka juga butuh pendidikan yang setara dengan anak anak lain, tutur Nasrizal.

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Luxury hotels, gorgeous beaches, and an array of entertainment opportunities can make feeling lonely and bored if you’re not accompanied by a gorgeous escort. Through a paid-companionship agency and a paid-companionship agency, you can find a young, friendly and exceptionally sexually attractive escort model to accompany on your journey through Dubai. These models are skilled at touch and sexual charms and can ensure that you are treated like an emperor or queen as you wander around this gorgeous city. In the variety of services provided by a Dubai escort, BookRealEscorts offer the most quantity of hot women within the business. It is possible to select American, Brazilian, Slavic and Indian and Slavic escorts. You can also choose from blonde, ginger and Asian-American beauty Escorts. It is possible to find the perfect escort for the needs of your sexual desires and mood. You can also book an online escort through the directory, if you’re not looking to browse through the many possibilities. You can book your private escort prior to traveling to Dubai to ensure you have a great trip. The guests are entertained to an unforgettable evening with the women who reside in Downtown Dubai or Palm Jumeirah. Some of them are even willing to accommodate couples and are escorts in dubai skilled in meeting even the most complex requirements. It’s going to be the best time of the rest of your time with these hot ladies as they make every moment worth it. Book a Dubai escort if you want to impress your woman. BookRealEscorts The most trusted local directory for private escorts within Dubai is your best choice. The directory has authentic escorts that are ready to help make your Dubai holiday memorable. They will calm any man’s mind and body and make sure he is content. The escorts of BookRealEscorts have a wealth of experience on all areas of the sex industry and will bring your day to life.

You may wonder what to do if searching for an escort services within Dubai. The first step is to check out the official website of the escort company. It is an excellent option to review reviews and compare prices, but beware of scammers! When you are hiring prostitutes from your local area, make sure you read the reviews. A lot of them are fraudulent and may even escorts services in dubai be managed by scam companies. You should also ensure that you don’t drink while picking up women. They will not want to return home following having a relationship. Even though prostitution is illegal in the UAE but you are able to have sex by having a male as an escort Dubai. Cost of sessions varies according to the age of the working woman and the race of her However, most sessions are between AED 150 to AED 2000. There are a variety of affordable options for those who aren’t comfortable paying that much. Consider a female escort from India or Africa for those trying to stay within your budget. A female escort from Dubai is an excellent option for a romantic getaway. No matter if you’re planning a romantic vacation or a romantic getaway you’ll be able to find the ideal escort in Dubai. There’s plenty to enjoy in Dubai There are luxurious hotels, lusty beaches, as well as a myriad of entertainment options – so it’s easy to get bored! An escort from Dubai will help you fill in that void, making your visit more pleasurable.

If you’re in search of an exclusive and distinctive service for your escort, definitely consider escort NY. There is access to a wide variety of gorgeous ladies with good background and have attended classes. They have a broad variety of personality and expectations They are perfect for a romantic getaway. It is possible to meet beautiful girls from various parts of the world who will surely impress you with her exquisite touch of sensuality. If you’re planning to have the perfect romantic event at New York, you can choose an Asian escort. You can have a sensual Asian relationship with her! She will be your companion on your evening out in the city or within the neighboring States! Asian women have the skills and sex appeal to make your party an escorts in long island unforgettable one! These are just a few ways you can choose an appropriate person to escort you New York. The first step is to search for an escort business that is located in New York. Many of them will meet males at parties or nightclubs. The problem is that it can be difficult for them to get potential customers. Professional prostitutes employed by large companies can be reached also. These companies are designed towards clients looking for intimate relationships with an adult. It is possible to arrange an escorte to meet you at the venue.

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